Tim Killen - Portuguese Mixed Case

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Soalheiro Granit Branco Alvarinho 

The Soalheiro vineyards were established in 1974, not far from Melgaço (in Alvaredo in fact), Portugal's most northerly town, and overlooking the Minho River. Since then, this very special terroir has allowed Soalheiro to forge its reputation as the very finest producer of this variety in Portugal.

The Granit is made to better illustrate the mineral side of Soalheiro’s wines, and their granitic terroir. In terms of vineyard site and quality it’s very similar to the alvarinho classico, however the Granit is intentionally fermented at a slightly higher temperature. This reduces the fruit and floral elements form the wine’s profile.

Citrus colour, aroma revels a elegant profile with more mineral notes, dry and persistent flavour. Soalheiro Granit reveals a more mineral profile of the Alvarinho grapes.

Arinto dos Acores, Ilha do Pico 2017

Pico Island, is an island in the Central Group of the Portuguese Azores. Pico is many hundreds of miles away from the western coast of Portugal. Formed of Volcanic, lava, the Acores offer unique wines, of a definite ‘Atlantic’ style from the sea and the land.

Named after the grape variety used, this wine is expressive with an explosive acidity. Very floral and fruit forward, all this is balanced by the wine being aged in 500l barrels to soften and make the wine rounded too. This wine can take it all on, most food combinations so try it with anything. 

Luis Pato Vinhas Velhas, Branco 2018 

Luis Pato is widely regarded as the person who put the wines of Bairrada on everyones radar. He started making wines in 1980, ten years after his father started bottling the first Bairrada wines, once the region was legally recognised.

He is a charismatic winemaker, who we like a lot, who makes wine combining science, technology and tradition. Bairrada is a region in between Porto and Lisbon, it produces very traditional Portuguese wines. This particular white is the Luis Pato Vinhas Velhas Branco, his old vines white wine. It's a really interesting blend of Bical, Cercial and Cercialinho, I know!

What is important is how it tastes. It's honeyed, and feels rich, but it also has great balancing freshness, and isn't heavy at all, it hasn't been oak aged, it weighs in at only 12.5%. The cooling Atlantic helps cool the temperatures in this region, allowing the freshness and drinkability to come forward.


 Nat'Cool, Drink Me, Niepoort 2019, 100cl

Niepoort is an independent producer in the douro. The family has been making wines since 1842 and have earned a reputation for creating original and distinct styles of wine. The mission is to maintain its position of "niche player", continuing to produce distinctive ports and Douro wines, combining centuries-old tradition with innovation. 

Dirk's interpretation of 'natural'. With no real definition of what a natural wine is, Dirk's made his own rulesLight, fresh, and easy-drinking. The Nat'Cool 100% Baga is bursting with berries, and best served chilled.

Quinta de la Rosa, 2017 La Rosa Reserva (organic)

Quinta de La Rosa is a small estate in the Douro in central Portugal, it is family owned and run by two generations with the guidance of talented winemaker Jorge Moreira since 2002. 

The naturally high banks of the Douro can create different micro climates, Quinta de La Rosa is one of the only Quintas to have a vineyard that goes from the river, up 450 meters. It goes through 11 different micro climates, this give the winemaker the ability to create all different styles of wine and more creative blends evening in challenging vintages.

A classic blend of Douro varieties make up the large blend, the heart of the wine is Touring Nacional with the rest being a mixed field blend. It has the balance which most Douro producers are try to create, it a deep and dark wine with lots of plum and black cherry. Its the wines refreshing acidity and herbal notes that make this more accessible and food friendly.


Bonjardim Reserva Terras de Beira Hubertus Lenders 2009 

Bonjardim was started by a Dutch couple who in 1989 started the project of restoring an old wine estate and Inn. The site is 30 Acres and has a history of producing wines dating back to 1756.

The wines are always fermented in granite. The end result is wines that are full of colour and aroma. Only in good vintages they produce the 'Reserva' which are designed to be aged for 10-20 years. 

The vineyards are farmed organically and there is a keen eye on the surrounding forest and nature.

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