Uhlen Roth Lay GG 2015 Weingut Heymann-Löwenstein Magnum

£117.50 GBP

One of Henry Butler's first wine trips was visiting the Heymann Lowenstein winery in Germany, and enjoying a glass of Eiswein on the slopes of the Mosel! Obviously he has had a soft spot for these great Riesling wines ever since, and has recently managed to buy a small parcel of treats, move fast before he takes them home. Sadly we are finding it more difficult to find these wines, so we snap them up when we can.


Reinhard Lowenstein began his estate in the 1980s, purchasing some small prime sites on the steep slatey slopes of WInningen, Mosel. He has added a few more hectares since. All have very complex soils, his winemaking is all about letting the specific sites represent their true characters through the Riesling grapes. The wines have always been made very naturally, the sound running water and wind chimes can be found throughout the vineyards!
These are very pure, exciting Riesling wines, fermented dry. Reinhard likes to include some fruit affected by botrytis to add richness. We have purchased a few bottles and some glorious looking magnums, which will last for many years if we don't drink them.