NEW Heavenly half-bottles mixed case

January 28, 2021

NEW Heavenly half-bottles mixed case

There are times when even we think twice about opening a bottle of wine, especially during lockdown, when there are fewer opportunities to share the fun around. These are the days when a good half-bottle really comes into its own.

Half-bottles are great if you're sipping solo, or you know you're not going to come back to a wine for a few days and it's far too good to end up in a ragù.

Versatility is another big tick. If your palate likes to wander, half-bottles are perfect for exploring new regions or styles without committing to (and shelling out for) a full bottle. They're great with food too. You can mix and match with different courses without ending the meal with loads of half-drunk bottles cluttering up the table. 

Don't you worry about quality either. Small bottles definitely aren't just for cheap wines served gloopily warm on trains and planes. We should know - the team has been tasting some little beauties in the last few weeks and we've put together a mixed case with six of the best for you.

There are 3 reds, 3 whites, all from the upper echelons of the wine world, all with their own unique charms and all fantastic value. Oh, and we've knocked a few quid off the price of the case to make it even more of a treat.

Hit this link to see the mixed case. Your mini adventure starts here!


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