Team Butler

Henry Butler AKA Butty AKA Big Daddy

Owner and Brighton Celebrity - I'm the one who pays the bills, and generally gets told how cross and old fashioned I am. The phrase I mainly use is for f***s sake.

I like all good drinks, in large quantities, shared with nice people.

Cassie Gould AKA The Boss AKA Mamma Cass, AKA The vampire/goth one

I run things at Butlers having taken control from my better half Mt Butler. I run on anxiety and Champagne, also gin and vodka.
Butlers is in its fourth decade of retail and is a Brighton Institute run by our family of quirky and ecclectic staff.

I am the person to go to if you need answers or help of any kind. I work closely with local restaurants and businesses on wine lists and also volunteer and am a trustee of The Crew Club Charity in Whitehawk. Henry and I use our exposure t(and his celeb status) through our work and numerous events to raise money, awareness and opportunites for young people and families in the area, as well as various other charities throughout the year.

Michael Anderson

Michael William Anderson aka Mish, Big M, plus any other abusive names the team have for me.

I work at Butlers Wine Cellar as it is the equivalent of Battersea Dogs home for wine lovers. All kinds of waifs and strays end up there and that's what makes it so interesting.

My favourite drink is water, followed by tea

Derek Sullivan AKA D unit. Cuddle Monster


I work at Butlers because there is plenty of knowledge provided everyday, the team are friendly and caring and always ready to help. Not forgetting the friendly customers of course and we've got the best wine selection in East and Central Sussex. Yeah beat that.

Favourite wine: Hoopla Cabernet Sauvignon

Laura Hockehull AKA The Folk Singer

Laura has worked for Butlers for going on 10 years... and we haven’t managed to get rid of her yet. She will drink practically anything but has a soft spot for Italian and Portuguese wines.

Magda Gawrych

Great place to work, lots to learn, love wine, love Brighton, great team and fun customers.

No favourite wine - happy to try everything (apart from spirits) ;) but favourite counry would always be Italy!

Rob Maynard AKA Robtheboozer

Working at Butlers is an opportunity to work with the most extensive and highest quality selection of fine wines and spirits around, owned and operated by some of the best folk in the industry.

I like drinking Sherry, overly expensive white Burgundies, old Riesling and gallons of Beaujolais.