L.A.S. Vino `CBDB` Chenin Blanc Dynamic Blend 2018

£37.50 GBP

This quirky wine hails from Margaret River in South Western Australia. It is a blend of 96% Chenin Blanc, and 4% Viognier, which adds aromatic complexity. LAS winery is run by Nic Peterkin, who has close ties to some of the region’s pioneering wine producing families. LAS stands for Luck, Art and Science. His approach is all about low intervention wine making, where he lets the wine do its thing as much as possible.

Fermentation for this wine began naturally from the yeasts present in the wine making environment. Once started, 30% of the fermenting juice was transferred to clay vats, and the rest went into old French oak barrels. Some of the wine underwent Malolactic fermentation, it was then left to mature for 11 months before bottling. This adds some wonderful complexity to the wine.It has complex aromas of peach, honeysuckle and citrus, combined with subtle undertones of honey, candied almond and hints of tropical fruit.

On the palate, it is full-bodied and almost creamy with zesty flavours of lemon, lime, and honeyed finish. The finish lingers wonderfully and is reminiscent of lemon meringue pie.