Vermouth Berto Rosso, Quaglia, 1L

£18.50 GBP

Negroni fans rejoice. We have a stunner of a red vermouth on our hands here, from the aromatising wizards at Antica Distilleria Quaglia in Piedmont. 

It's a classic of the style, confidently treading the tightrope between bitter and sweet, zingy and velvety, fruits and herbs. The colour is the glass is so welcoming - warm garnet with amber hints - and evidence of the slow ageing in stainless steel. 

This ageing means the cornucopia of flavours in this vermouth knit together beautifully. It's plush and sweet and warming at first, before revealing all sorts of citrus and spice notes - mandarin, bitter orange, liquorice, white pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg. The bitter-sweet balance continues right through the finish, which lasts like a happy memory. 

As well as gracing all sorts of cocktails, this is a delicious aperitivo with ice and orange peel. For a real treat, drink at room temperature with chocolaty, nutty desserts.