Burns Night Whisky Promotion

January 23, 2019

Burns Night Whisky Promotion

Mossburn are experts in both distilling and blending, they produce hand-crafted whiskies of serious quality. This blended malt whisky is no exception, it a classic expression of Speyside.
It's matured under the influence of three different types of wood! Each has a unique impacts the flavour of the final product. First, its aged in small (200 litre) barrels that have been used to age American whiskey. This gives a gentle wood influence - think honey & toast. Second, its aged in larger casks (500 litre) previously used to mature Oloroso Sherry, this imparts a rich sweetness and dark fruit accents.
These second barrels have their heads (the top & bottom of the barrel) heavily charred adding a sweet vanilla finish. The result of this kind of ageing is a whisky with serious depth and complexity.




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