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Butler's Travel Blog - SPAIN DAY 1

Butler's Travel Blog - SPAIN DAY 1

Day 1 - Albarino De Fefinanes

Albariño at its best. A lovely tasting, 9am of breakfast wines, clean fresh and zingy.
A very beautiful winery, re built in 1583. All the wine making equipment has been customised to fit into the cloisters.

Rias Baixas is surprisingly green and fertile. Rainfall is high, they never have a hail or frost problem, the summers or warm but not too hot and the winters quite mild.

The vineyards are small plots tucked in amongst the houses and forests

Manuel explaining that this particular Albariño plant dates back to the 1700s

Albariño do Ferreira in Rias Baixas

They are based in the sub region of Salnes, which is where most of the Albariño is grown, and where the original producers were based. It's cooler so the wines have more acidity.

Even Paul had to duck underneath this pergola. The typical training system in this region, to help prevent mould on the grapes.

Albarino Do Ferreiro

The Ferreiro wines were superb, very pure and elegant, they all had a steely edge with complex fresh zesty fruits.

This was a great reminder of what brilliant value these wines are. The Adina is spicier and has more weight, this is made from vines which are grown on red slate instead of sand and granite. We have put in a request for the Cepas Vellas, we may get six bottles if we are lucky.

The wine maker posing as a young Jimmy Greaves.

They very kindly opened some back vintages, 2015, 2013, 2011 and they wonderful 2006, these wines were a revelation and such a treat.

Apparently their wines sell out almost immediately, which isn't helpful, but is understandable.

Butler has managed to secure ten dozen of the current vintage.

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