Butler's Travel Blog - SPAIN DAY 2

October 18, 2017

Butler's Travel Blog - SPAIN DAY 2



This was bought by the brother of Torremilianos, he purchased it in 1999. They have two main plots of Tinta da Toro, the original clone, half of the vineyards are old vines on patches of chalk, the new plantings are on sandy soil.

The lid is the top of his concrete tanks, and a pic of inside one about to be cleaned



The wine maker at Valpiculata opening his first vintage, 1999. Plenty of mushroom and farmyard, very smooth and elegant. Apparently if you decant it fifteen times the nose opens up.

Next we visit San Roman to see what you can do with Toro wines when you throw serious investment at it. San Roman was established in 1997, they now have 120 hectares spread over many plots. They have mainly planted Tinta de Toro, but also have some Garnacha and Malvasia. This estate was created by the top Ribera del Duero producer called Mauro.

The first picture shows the wine fermenting in large oak. They are mainly an organic producer, moving into biodynamics. They work very hard at making sure the correct vines are on the best soils. They are always the first to pick, to preserve freshness and elegance, and to try and keep the alcohol down. We tasted the Toro wines and the Ribera Del Duero examples. All were very concentrated, fine, and elegant.


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