The Liberator, Chenin No. 5 2019 75cl

£10.99 GBP

We began with the Liberator Chenin No. 5 in tins earlier this year, we are happy to say the full bottles have now arrived. This wine is great, and amazing value, sadly we only have a few bottles until our next shipment arrives next year. 

The Liberator label focuses on small parcels and projects around South Africa, which do not have a home to go to, or need a new, better home. The Master of Wine behind the projects, bottles up the wine and arranges shipment, more often than not keeping the winemaker or address of the winery anonymous. It is very exciting for us to see what surprises come along each time, and this particular one is a beauty. 

It is a Chenin Blanc, with some tangy weight and creaminess, it is very rich and concentrated for something which is just over a tenner. The winemaker, no name no pack drill, is world class, we have some of his/her (trying not to give it away) other wines in stock which are at least three times the price. This is not for the faint hearted, it packs a tasty punch, which is what we need at this time of year.

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