Ancre Hill Estate Biodynamic Pet Nat NV

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Ancre Hill estate is based in the Welsh county of Monmouthshire, the 12 hectares of vineyards are on the slopes close to the Wye Valley. The family run wineries ethos of believing that "great wine is made in the vineyard" is brilliant to see in a country that isn't know for making wine. They are fully organic and biodynamic. Wales is not known for producing wine due to its climate, with its very sporadic weather patterns its hard to judge. However, the vineyard still manages to be farmed organically despite this.

Short for Pétillant Naturel, this is a method of wine that involves bottling the wine while it is still fermenting, this creates a small amount of fizz to the wine. This one is made from Triomphe, a grape vartiy that is rarely grown anywhere. This wine is lively with lots of flavour, soft tannins make this very food friendly too. This is a unique wine that needs to be tried to understand its complexity that is also very fun.