Dog House Distillery Baller Vodka 70cl

£34.50 GBP

Baller is made by Doghouse Distillery in Battersea. It is a knockout unfiltered wheat vodka, ridiculously smooth and loaded with character. It is London's only vodka made fully from scratch, using 100% English wheat sourced from Norfolk. The nose offers delicate cereal aromas, while the palate delivers hints of biscuit and pepper with a silky yet structured mouth feel and a ridiculously smooth finish. Baller won a Gold Medal in the World Vodka Awards and was named Best Spirit in Great Britain in the Great British Food Awards 2019 this vodka is definitely a Baller! 

Fun fact - the double sided label was designed by a street artist. 

Perfect serve: Neat on ice or with ginger beer, squeezed lime and a sprig of mint.