Domaine du Monteillet, Montez Les Hauts du Monteillet Blanc IGP Collines Rhodaniennes 2018

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This definitely isn't light and crisp. Domaine du Monteillet makes fantastic wines in the Rhone, both whites and reds, this is from their fruit from the surrounding area, not from more prestigious named vineyards. This makes it a relative bargain. It's made from white Rhone varieties Roussanne, Viognier and Clairette. It is big, opulent and very rich, but it is also extremely drinkable! It feels luxuriant and is a a treat, and it's a lot cheaper than it's lofty neighbours such as Condrieu.

We here at Butlers are suckers for rich styles of white wine, and this ‘Les Hauts de Monteillet’ white by producer Stephane Montez of Domaine du Monteillet is no exception.

This comes from the Northern Rhone area and is a blend of the native grapes Viognier, Clairette and Roussanne. These grapes make perfect partners. Viognier and Roussanne can often lack acidity, whereas Clairette retains it well, but often has quite a neutral flavour profile when on its own. Viognier brings spice and tropical inflections, whilst Roussanne brings body, richness and more spice to the party.

This is a fab blend from a fascinating sub-region of the Rhone known as ‘Colinnes Rhodaniennes’ producers from the area have long campaigned to make this its own PDO (DOC) and are expecting this to be achieved within the next couple of years, as wines from the region have their own unique and distinctive flavour profile, a hallmark of the ‘Terroir’ and regional wine making practices. This is an incredibly food-friendly wine that would even stand up to white meat such as poultry, or even pork dishes, it would also do well against lightly spiced dishes. We also like to savour it on its own.