L.A. Cetto Marques del Valle Sauvignon Blanc 2018

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The wine comes from the Guadalupe Valley on the border with Southern California. With a cooling maritime influence, areas of relatively high altitude, and the consistent warm, dry growing conditions, it is seen as one of Mexico's most prestigious wine producing regions. Many styles and varieties can be grown with great success here.

The Sauvignon Blanc is incredibly refined, with subtle herbaceous and citrus aromas, and a hint of tropical and stone fruits. On the palate it is clean and crisp, with a lovely textural mouthfeel. Fruit characters come through quite strongly with a clean citrus and mineral character rounding off the finish. 

This is a crowd pleaser, and a great wine for sunny afternoons. It would be a great accompaniment for seafood, salmon and salad. For a true Mexican experience, try it with fish tacos or lightly spiced totopos/nachos.