Quaglia Gin A la Madame 70cl

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Main botanicals: Juniper, cloves, cinnamon, tansy, zedoària and cassia.

Del Professore first two types of Gin del Professore, are the Monsieur, with a more classic gin profile of juniper and citrus, and the Madame, with an extra layer of sweeter spiced aromas of cinnamon, vanilla and wild rose.. Both gins represent the rediscovery of a lost style of gin production. Retracing the same techniques they use for their vermouth, the creation of the gin starts with blending a juniper distillate into an infusion of herbs and spices with the aim of obtaining a deep complexity of aromas. Neither gins are industrially filtered and therefore they maintain their original amber colour gained from the spice infusion.


The Gin a la Madame really is a unique gin, displaying aromas from a carefully-calculated blend that speaks primarily of juniper, lemon, orange, tansy, turmeric, cinnamon and cassia bark, and particularly memorable for its freshness and intensity of the spices. On the palate, the Madame is beautifully warming, with a savoury, balsamic structure beneath the various herbs and spices. Although each ingredient, from juniper to cinnamon, is decipherable, they are all spun into a gorgeous overall flavour of juniper rich with floral and comforting medicinal notes. This core flavour is drawn out on the finish and yet continues to hold the characteristics of each layer.

Serving suggestion:
These gins will be unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Despite their unusual characteristics, they are highly versatile and Del Professore have managed to incorporate them into many classic cocktail recipes from Martinez to Fino Negroni and Gin Sours with unique and very interesting results. It is particularly remarkable that the gins can be consumed neat, like a whisky or cognac, and thus opens the possibility of a new category of gin: ‘sipping gin’.