S A Prum GG Bernkasteler Lay Grand Ley 2011

£37.50 GBP

The Prüm name has been synonymous with quality wine production in the middle Mosel where the family has been cultivating vineyards since 1156.

Since the 2017 Saskia Andrea Prüm is now responsible for the wine estate.

We recently featured the Wehlener 2008 which was brilliant, I think this next wine might even surpass it in brilliance. S A Prum have a long history of making wine in the beautiful Mosel valley in Germany. The region is well worth a visit. They have about 40 hectares based around Wehlener.

This particular wine, the Riesling Grosses Gewachs Bernkasteler Grandy Ley 2011. Grosse Gewachs is the equivalent of something like a Grand Cru in Burgundy. Often this level of wine can be quite impenetrable for some years, luckily we have the 2011 vintage which has started to show development.

The nose filled the garden with honeyed, powerful spicy fruit, the palate is insane, it is so intense and concentrated, yet it is balanced and really drinkable, we couldn't help but keep returning to the glass to have more. It's powerful and rich, but has a dry finish, and is deceptive as it feels heavier than 11.5%.

This is another memorable wine from S A Prum, we are about to buy some more.