Mothering Sunday

March 20, 2019

Mothering Sunday

Its Mothering Sunday on the 31st March and we have chosen three drinks we think would make wonderful gifts. We have discounted them all by 10% (plus you get loyalty points too) from now until the 31st, so make sure you stock up to avoid any last minute panic shopping.
Nothing says it quite like giving flowers, so they say. Well I'd say flowers and wine say it better, so this is perfect, a flower label on a bottle of wine. This has been a shop favourite for many years. It's organic, and made with lots of respect to the environment. It comes from a region called Ribera in Spain and is based around the Treixadura grape. Treixadura produces quite an opulent style of wine, full of tropical fruit, but is also on this occasion lovely and mellow. 
We acknowledge that the modern day family is often made up of different sets of loving parents so we think Eclectic Gin could be for you. This was put together by a rabble of independent wine merchants, from across the UK, ourselves included. All with different characters, all working together to provide moments of drinking pleasure. A clean, easy drinking light and citrusy gin, perfect for a gin and tonic or Mothers Day martini.
Welcome back to this delicious sparkling English rose. Owner Howard popped in recently with a bag full of his wines, it was great to catch up, and remind ourselves of their range. We thought the rose stood out. It is gentle, soft, has plenty of summer fruit flavours, with a dry finish. It's a pretty wine, aromatic and delicate. 

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