Since 2019 we have been recording our own Butlers Podcast. It was my idea trying to do something no one else was really doing in the wine world at the time and it grew from there.

Our niece Evie does the intros and outros for us and Henry and I record them all on my iphone in one take. 

We discuss wine trends, different regions or grape varieties, wine producing countries etc plus a few random things when I get distracted. 

Kemp Town Open Wed - Sat - 12-6pm ✓ ✓ Local Delivery Up To £7.99 in 8 Mile Radius - FREE over £40 ✓ ✓ National Delivery £9.99

Kemp Town Open Wed - Sat - 12-6pm ✓ ✓ Local Delivery Up To £7.99 in 8 Mile Radius - FREE over £40 ✓ ✓ National Delivery £9.99

Burns Night promotion: 10% off selected Blended Scotch

Burns Night promotion: 10% off selected Blended Scotch

Celebratory moments are few and far between at this time of year. With the emotional hangover from the festive season and Easter a far-off, vaguely egg-shaped speck on the horizon, you've got to take every opportunity you can.

That's why we love Burns Night. We may be Sassenachs based about as far away from Scotland as it's possible to be on the British mainland. But here's a rare midwinter chance to get loved ones together round a table for a night of good company, hearty food and impromptu poetry recitals over glasses charged with the good stuff.

Which good stuff? Scotch, naturally. So we've put together a little promotion on a pair of primo Blended Scotches from our range, to keep you warm and toasting all Burns Night long.


COMPASS BOX GREAT KING STREET ARTIST'S BLEND (£37.35 ON OFFER from 18th - 26th January 2022)

Compass Box is a specialist Scotch blending house, dedicated to crafting the finest whiskies from the best stocks at their disposal. Using maturing whiskies from various distilleries, they've made blending an artform. So this is particularly well named.

Artist Blend is a tribute to Edinburgh made to satisfy the most demanding bartenders and malt whisky enthusiasts alike. It's fruity, rich and creamy, with delicious spiced apple and salted caramel flavours. A beautifully smooth sipper discounted to a beautifully sharp price.

ADELPHI DISTILLERY BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY (£23.35 ON OFFER from 18th - 26th January 2022)

Adelphi has been distilling its own phenomenal whiskies from its new Ardnamurchan distillery since 2014. But the company has been blending for much longer and you can taste that prowess here.

They've done something rather special in this mystery blend, bringing together the smoky, peaty notes of Islay's finest with more rounded fruity notes and a delicious salty tang on the finish. It's so deftly balanced, it absolutely glides down (no burns here) and it comes in at a frankly ridiculous £23.35 on offer. 


So there you have it: two top reasons to load up on haggis, neeps and tatties and let your sporran swing free on Burns Night. Sláinte Mhath!

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