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Kemp Town Open Wed - Sat - 12-6pm ✓ ✓ Local Delivery Up To £7.99 in 8 Mile Radius - FREE over £40 ✓ ✓ National Delivery £9.99

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Kemp Town Open Wed - Sat - 12-6pm ✓ ✓ Local Delivery Up To £7.99 in 8 Mile Radius - FREE over £40 ✓ ✓ National Delivery £9.99

Cassie's Charitable Causes

Cassie's Charitable Causes

WARNING - What you are about to read has some graphic and very sad content. I'm sure many of you are aware that as a business, we try to do a lot of charitable work and fundraising. We feel as a small Independent business it is important to give back to our community and also much further afield.

We are very fortunate people and I, in particular have faced many challenges in my life, which makes me want to help other people and animals, so nobody ever has to suffer, especially if others can help. It takes a village. Here is some information on groups I support and who I can highly recommend helping if you can. They are all legitimate people doing amazing work.

Henry and I are trustees of the Crew Club, a local organization in Whitehawk in Brighton that provides a safe place for children and young people. I have been volunteering there for over 10 years, and weekly provide food for all the kids attending. We raise money and take daily donations of clothes, food, toys etc which we deliver there. Anyone can help themselves to these supplies without judgement. They host many amazing life changing projects, so please do check them out!


Since lockdown began I have looked into other causes in need of attention. I am a massive animal lover and we have an adopted cat that found us, and has changed our lives, for the better. When Henry had cancer, she became like a therapy cat.

Following the war in Ukraine I was very worried about the amount of injured and stray pets left behind so I started donating to a great rescue centre called Rolda.

This led me to look at other animals in need, there are so many. It is truly heartbreaking. In many countries there are no animal welfare laws at all. In others and some USA states there are minimal laws and often these do not get enforced. and so many animals are suffering in the hands of monsters. I would like to see worldwide laws against animal cruelty and breeding of animals, then these laws to be enforced. This is a pipedream but with more awareness and support, change is possible, even if one life is saved it is a start.


I have made good friends with two rescuers in particular in India. These are friends of mine and are both young women working in places where their voices are not heard, against governments who do not support them. They work very hard to rescue animals and work as activists.

Pooja is also a teacher trying to educate children about humanity, hoping this will filter through generations and make a difference.

Jyoti is setting herself up as a NGO (non government organization) to focus solely on animal rescue and recovery.

If you can help them please do, they are brilliant and lovely ladies. (Please note Pooja does not have a paypal account so if you wish to donate please contact me and I can help arrange it or you WILL pay bank charges to donate in rupees from a UK bank)

Pooja Mehta - a_better_world_with_oreo
Jyoti Rana - feeding_voiceless_strays - Paypal: jyoti rana @animalfeeding

Another lady in India who is just amazing is Sonia Choudhary - voiceless_voicefoundation


With the Yulin Dog meat festival in June I started looking into the dog meat trade which is one of the most barbaric things thinkable. In China and Asia in particular, (also Africa) dogs and cats are stolen from their homes, bred for meat (spending their entire lives in cages, abused and neglected) or strays taken from their streets or homes to be sold for their meat.

This is not a cultural tradition, this is due to the vanity, with some people believing that eating this meat has health benefits. It doesn't. They also believe that the more pain the animal suffers before death the better the meat will be for you. In some countries this has been banned, but illegal operations are still running.

In most of Asia there are no laws for animal welfare at all so people can do whatever they like to animals. There are many activists and organisations helping to rescue dogs from this impending doom and one day the hope is for it to be banned globally but that will not happen unless everyone helps.

I have written to the press, embassies, everyone, with little or no responses. The people on the ground rescuing these dogs are the best hope they have.

I warn you now, if you find these people on social media you will see unimaginably awful abuse.

Plush Bear Shelter - Paypal:

Slaughterhouse survivors- Harbin SHS Harbin animal rescue: -

Soi dog foundation:

No to dog meat foundation:

No dogs left behind:


Moving on to the USA. Many states unfortunately do not have many/any laws for animal protection and if they do many are not enforced. There is a huge crisis with shelters being overcrowded.

When more dogs are dumped, surrendered by owners or recused they come to the shelters. When they don't get fostered and the shelters need space they will euthanise the longest residents (sometimes they've been there less than a week) or most sick animals. Some will have spent their whole lives being abused, go into a shelter, get ignored for a week or so then get killed. It is devastating. They are terrified. 

Other than abuse, a key problem is breeding. Many people are breeding dogs for money in puppy mills, or illegally themselves where the female dogs are forced to breed repeatedly and kept in horrific conditions, puppies taken away as soon as they are born and on it goes, for years and years.

This is no life for these dogs yet people still choose to buy a breed dog rather than look to rescue. The same applies worldwide but as the USA is so big this is on a huge scale. Laws need to change but awareness is also a good start.

This lady is amazing and helps network to rescue dogs in need: Kris Kelly:

These are some rescuers that I have supported and follow and who do amazing work. There are so many so if you look online you'll find many in need.

Underdog heroes:

Voices for Lancaster SC animals: 

The PAWerful rescue



This man is just brilliant! Check him out, read his story and follow his social media. You will laugh, cry and want to be just like him! He's a young successful Irish man who changed his life and is now living in Thailand rescuing dogs. Niall - @niall.harbison


And now to Africa. These are some organisations who are struggling. They have little shelter, food or water. A little money goes a long way to these people. veganz_orphans_ uganda: They have orphan children who rescue animals - they cannot afford their rent at the moment and will be shut down without support.

Batanda Hudson: Paypal: @hudsonbatanda (they need to raise $100 for a water pipe as they have no water at all)

Pets rescue Uganda: paypal:pets298


There are no laws against animal cruelty in Turkey and many street dogs are not getting neutered and have many litters of puppies, all living on the streets and not looked after, other than by organisations or individuals who feed them. There are many people to help but this organization I have supported and always need supplies. zonguldak_sahipsizpatiler

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