Going nuts about nuts

August 25, 2020

Going nuts about nuts

The perfect combo known by every pub lover, great beer and a great snack to complement it. Sometimes pairings, especially with wine, can be over thought, with beer and nuts it is the simplicity that makes it so brilliant.

This week Butlers has started working with Bier Nuts. We don't do food and never have but after a team tasting at the weekend we all agreed this is something that we have to offer to Brighton and our regulars. We also like Bier Nuts commitment to sustainability, the "snacks are packaged in 100% recyclable, plastic-free cans, which are turned into new cans within 60 days." They are also all vegan. 

We work with lots of great breweries, some local and some further a field and this gives us a chance to select our favourite beers with our new favourite coated nuts. 

Here are a few combos that we think are perfect for a Pac-man session or as a gift for a fellow nut lover...

The classic nuts. 

The allrounder, the everyday nut, what's not to love. With this crunchy treat, any style of beer will be a winner. We see these as the every day nut so let's have an everyday beer to go with it.

At Good Things Brewing they have created a low alcohol pale ale, two degrees above, with the same punchy taste you would expect from your normal pale. It's vibrant and fresh. Good Things Brewing are also pioneering sustainability, from their electric delivery vans to the solar panels running the brewery, they are defiantly do their part. 



The Masala nuts.

This iconic spice sourced from Northern India is nicely balanced and doesn't go over the top like many other snacks might. 

We have been working with the East Sussex brewery Burning Sky for years now, this isn't going to change any time soon as the quality of there beer is so consistent and they are always coming up with new ideas. The Arise is a straw golden, balanced malt beer gives a great mouth feel and a finish that keeps on giving. Restrained bitterness followed by massive peach, pine & resinous hop flavours to keep you satisfied.



The Jalapeño nuts

If you need your snacks spicing up then look no further than these, made using real green Jalapeño's they pack a nice punch. 

A refreshing pale ale or even a stout would be recommended, however, our pick is the Burning Sky Saison Houblon. Saison is a farmhouse style used to create beer using what ever the farmers had lying around. This one from Burning Sky is the definition of refreshment and maximum quaffability.



The Bier Nuts are available online now. They are £1.50 a can.

They are coated nuts with a crunchy shell, and all vegan  

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